How to Save Money When You Relocate to a Phoenix Apartment

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Saving money while living in a south Phoenix, AZ apartment is a smart choice because it helps build savings, ensures money is available for a rainy day, and gives you the opportunity to save for a down payment on a house or invest in a retirement fund.

If you’re moving to Phoenix soon, now’s the time to start saving money. A smart budget and some planning can help you accomplish your move affordably, as well as help you begin your life in your furnished new Phoenix apartment with low stress and an affordable budget.

Compare Prices for Bills Today & Bills Tomorrow

In most cases, you’ll be able to switch your services (like phone and cable) from one provider to another without much fanfare. You may even have the ability to retain certain providers if you move within a small geographical area or the same provider offers service in your new state.

Moving to a new address is the ideal time to begin doing some comparison shopping on your services. Over time, it’s not uncommon for service providers to increase the cost of services in the hopes that their customers won’t notice. A $30 cable bill one year turns into a $100 phone bill the next. When you move, you have the chance to find new providers that offer more affordable services, as well as negotiate with your current providers for lower rates. Even if you don’t select a new service provider, you should be able to get a few dollars knocked off your bill each month by requesting a new deal or rate.

  • Tip: Make a list of all the service providers you’ll need to switch over or update and make a goal to complete your comparison shopping and updates at least a month before you move to your 1-or-2 bedroom Phoenix apartment. You don’t want to have to deal with making a dozen phone calls at the same time you’re trying to pack up your possessions and coordinate your move.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for Help

Moving across the country with the contents of a four-bedroom house might require a full-size moving truck and an experienced crew for packing, loading, transport, and unloading. However, if you’re moving from one apartment to another, you might not need to deal with a moving crew.

If your move falls under any of the following conditions, you might be able to ask friends to help rather than a professional moving company:

  • You’re moving from a smallish residence to another smallish home.
  • You have friends who are able and willing to help with the move.
  • You’re moving in-town and don’t need a professional mover to handle transport.
  • You’ve moved before and are experienced in packing, moving, and arranging relocation.
  • You can afford to provide your friends with dinner after they help you load boxes.


  • Tip: If you’re moving across the country and will need a professional mover for transport, you can still save money by packing everything yourself. You can even load the truck with friends and rely on the moving company to handle the driving.

Set Deadlines for Packing & Unpacking

One surprising way you can spend extra money on your move is by packing at the last minute, packing the wrong way, or failing to unpack your items promptly after moving into your new home. When you pack everything at the last minute, you might pack things improperly and end up with broken items on the other side of your move as you settle into your new Phoenix apartment.

Replacing those items means spending extra money you shouldn’t need to spend. Additionally, waiting to unpack your possessions might mean you take a few extra trips to the store to buy items you already own but can’t find because they’re still in boxes.

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