Finding Great Deals on Holiday Gifts in Phoenix

The holiday season seems to start earlier and earlier each year, but it’s far too common to reach the last few weeks of December and realize that you haven’t done any shopping yet for gifts, or you’re still in need of a bundle of presents.

If you’re panicking over a list of gifts you still need to buy, take a deep breath, take a seat in your Phoenix apartment, and read the following simple ways to make your holiday easier and more affordable this year.

Don’t Go Shopping Without a Planholidayshoppingseattle

Last-minute shopping often entails running around to various retailers to find those “must have” gifts that everyone else wants, too. Unfortunately, this method of shopping can become expensive and far less fruitful than a planned approach to shopping. If you’re facing a lot of shopping and you’re concerned about finding all the “perfect” gifts, it might be time to think about alternatives.

Consider these:

If you can’t find the exact gift you know someone wants, try getting them a gift card for that retailer for the amount of the gift. Add a handwritten note to ensure the gift is personalized.

If you’re worried about affording those last minute gifts, try to set up brief meetings (like lunches at local cafes) to see your friends. They’ll appreciate the socialization more than a gift.

Try visiting local retailers for handmade gifts and hidden deals. Support your local community with your shopping, and get creative with a gift that isn’t from a nationwide “big box” store.

You may wish to take a few hours to plan your shopping trip, so you don’t head out to locations where all you’ll find are empty shelves. Some retailers maintain websites that will let you know if a particular item is in stock, and you may even be able to request a hold be placed on the item you want to buy in the store.

Give Experiences Instead of Gifts

Some people seem to have everything, and it’s almost impossible to shop for them. Other people aren’t big consumers, and it’s tough to know what they might want for the holidays. You might think about giving them an experience for their gift rather than a physical object.

For example, do you have a friend who loves a particular restaurant? Buy a gift card or seek out a Groupon deal (or other social deal) for a meal at the restaurant. Do you know someone who’s always wanted to go zip-lining? Purchase a day of zip-lining for your friend.

The best part about giving an experience rather than an actual gift is that you don’t have to get lucky in finding the gift on a store shelf. All you have to do is walk up to the cashier and buy a gift card or buy an online deal right from your apartment in Phoenix.

Don’t Try to Get the “Perfect” Present for Everyone

You might enjoy the look on a friend or family member’s face when they open your perfect gift, but you might be surprised how easy it is to please someone with something as simple as a handwritten letter, a dinner date, or a generic gift card.

Don’t increase your holiday stress trying to find the ideal gift for absolutely everyone on your list. Most people will enjoy just about any reminder that a friend is thinking about them for the holidays, even if it’s in the form of a simple card, note, or some flowers.

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