Creating a Homelike Atmosphere in Your Phoenix Home

When you find the perfect apartment, you might feel relief at having found the ideal new Phoenix home. However, signing the lease will come with a host of responsibilities like planning your move, getting settled in your new apartment, and switching over your utilities.

One of the challenges that you might not realize is ahead of you until you experience it is transforming your new apartment in Phoenix into a welcoming place where you can come home and relax. Your new place might feel a little different and foreign at first, and you may find it helpful to consider some of these post-moving tips for creating a homey atmosphere in your new Phoenix apartment.

Put Brakes on Setting up the Television

It’s not surprising, but a lot of apartment dwellers hang their television on the wall or set it up on the entertainment console immediately after moving into their new home. While having a television set up might make you feel like you’re home and ready to relax, you might find yourself sitting in front of the television watching reruns and streaming Netflix rather than getting your boxes unpacked.

You should set a goal of having everything unpacked within a month of moving in. One method for increasing the rate at which you unpack is to restrict your entertainment options until you have everything out of your boxes, and all the furniture is arranged. You might be able to put the television on in the background while you unpack, but the fastest way to get everything put away is to force yourself to focus on the “unboxing” over anything else.

Make a Priority List for Your Most-Needed Items

Going room by room to unpack your apartment is a solid method for getting totally move into your new place, but you may wish to put just a few things at the top of your list that don’t involve unpacking and setting up an entire room. Here are some of the priority areas and items that you may want to focus on right after moving in and before you begin unpacking each room:

  • Bed – Set up the bed frame, break out the bed linens, and put your pillow out. You’ll sleep best if you have your familiar bed all ready to go the first night.
  • Bathroom – Get your toiletries put away and ready for use in their cabinets. You’ll wake up and have your toothbrush and other items conveniently available.
  • Kitchen – Make sure you have enough utensils and plates out, as well as your small appliances and any item you use every day (like a coffee maker).

Before you move, think about what you use every day, and consider putting those items on your list of priorities. Try to make sure your entire list of priorities is unpacked the very first day so that you can unpack the rest of your possessions at a calm and measured pace over the next few weeks.

Don’t Avoid Friends Until You’re Completely Unpacked

If you’re moving across the country, this particular item might not apply to you, but if you’re moving just a few hours away – or even within Phoenix – it’s important that you don’t lose touch with your friends during the moving process. It’s rather easy to isolate yourself after you move into your new apartment because you assume your friends won’t want to visit a messy and unpacked space.

The complete opposite is true. Your friends don’t care about boxes in your apartment or a few pieces of missing furniture. Invite your friends over for an impromptu meal (even if you have to provide takeout for your guests), and make an effort to reach out to friends to see them in the weeks after you move.

If you’re a thousand miles away from friends and family after your move, that doesn’t mean you have no choice but to isolate yourself during your move. Make a few phone calls and keep in touch!

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